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Shiatsu  means "pressure with the fingers", it is a form of manual therapy developed in Japan.
It is a healing art using thumbs and palms to press on some points of the body in order to correct irregularities and to conserve or improve the health. Its simple technique, highly effective, influences both body and mind.
The Japanese minister of health recognized it as a medicine and The European commission also, identified it as a complementary therapy method.

Though born in Japan, origin of Shiatsu comes from Ancient China and its rich Medical tradition. The essential point of the ancient Chinese thought is the Ki, the vital energy.
Saying quickly, Life is something which is flowing and problems arise from a blockage of this vital energy. Shiatsu helps to balance this energy in the body and the mind and improves our own self-healing abilities.
But first of all and more than just a manual therapy, Zen Shiatsu is a global and simple way of communication with our self and between two people. By an honest, conscious and compassionate touch, it can help us to let go the mind, relax the body and go deeper in the way of understanding.

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Zen Shiatsu Paris

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